Gaining "real world" feedback about the app.

Gaining "real world" feedback about the app.

Meaning: testing by real users. For this usability testing, I recruited 6 participants to use their mobile device to test
3 distinct tasks in the app.

I moderated most of these tests with remote video conferencing. In certain cases, this setup proved challenging, mainly due to technical difficulties related to WiFi instability. I improvised by displaying the prototype from my side and asking the interviewee to verbally "walk" me through how they would approach different tasks.

Remote Moderated Testing

Having 6 participants helped meet the rule of thumb to identify at least 85% of potential usability issues.

User Feedback

Actual quotes from users who have took the prototype for a "test drive" provided a direct connection to their thought processes, to validate the the quality of both prior user research and product ideation to this point.

Rainbow Analysis

A colorful and effective method to document the extent of user feedback during testing. Feel free to click on the image to take a closer look at the details, including notations and how insights influenced design.

Preference Testing

As a supplement to usability testing of product functionality, I also conducted A/B testing for the user interface (UI). Click the image for a closer look.