Problems Identified

  • Payment methods (i.e., credit/debit cards) may be stored in a different location (i.e., app) from cash account(s).

  • Payment methods are stored in an app without payment functionality.

  • Online vendors may accept only a limited range of payment methods.

  • Online payments or fund transfers may be insecure, resulting in exposed account information.

  • Payments or fund transfers may incur delays without proper protocols (inefficient).

Solution Ideas

  • Store a variety of payment options, including traditional bank cards and non-traditional assets like cryptocurrency and transit passes

  • In addition to storing a range of digital payment assets, also facilitate transactions using both traditional and non-traditional forms of payment

  • Create an intuitive and secure protocol to ensure safety of valuable information for all users

Problem Statement

“Users need a way to reliably make digital payments and transfer funds using a variety of methods because users report frustration with functional limitations of their currently preferred digital wallet apps. We will know this to be true when we see at least 50% retention of new users who download the new app”